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Washing machine drain pipe leaking

Issue description:

Are you sure that the drain pipe of the washing machine is leaking? Excellent! Then we will do the following manipulations to eliminate this problem.

Washing machine drain pipe leaking


First of all, check the integrity of the sewer pipe itself, whether there are cracks or visual leaks on it.

There is water left in the sewer pipes after washing and the pipes were mounted (installed) without a slope, or the slope is reverse.

Check the slope pipes, it must be sufficient for an independent water drain. It is possible that everything is in order with a slope, sewer pipes are clogged with deposits, water leaves, but slowly.

In this case, it can also flow from under the cuff. Clean the pipes.

Perhaps you changed the pipes of the internal wiring (sewage) and did not calculate the diameter of the pipes correctly, the water simply does not have time to go into the riser, and even more so if you use sinks, a bath, etc. while the washing machine is running. br> In the cuff, into which the drain hose of the washer is inserted, and the lead-in of the hose itself, additionally coat with a sealant (preferably silicone). In this case, this unit will be completely sealed, there will be no leaks even if you have a reverse pipe slope. Plus, the hose is guaranteed not to jump out of the socket while the washer is running on the drain.

Pay attention to the rigid fixation of the sewer pipes with clamps.

Perhaps the sewer was done correctly, the slope was observed, but the pipe sagged due to the lack of rigid fixation, install the clamps. If you need help with affordable washing machine repair, call us right now!