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Washing machine drain pipe overflow in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

One of the common problems at home is a clogged drain hose in the washing machine. This problem can be solved by removing and cleaning the hose. Let's understand the causes of blockages and ways to solve this problem.

Causes of blockages The drainage system of the waste fluid can become clogged mechanically or naturally. A clear sign of a clogged hose is a slow drain of water after washing or rinsing. A program malfunction, in which the machine does not automatically switch to the rinse or spin phase, indicates a blockage.

If the clearance is critically low, the machine's drain system is completely blocked. There may be several reasons: small objects get into the drainage hose filtration system: buttons, hooks, coins, pins, fasteners, torn off clothes or falling out of pockets; fluff and threads, dust and dirt from washed clothes, fur of pets, grease, soap and limescale gradually accumulate, the lumen of the hose is overgrown and reduced.

Washing machine drain pipe overflow

Problem solution:

How to clean the drain hose in a washing machine If the warranty is valid, the machine can be repaired free of charge by calling a technician from an official service center. And if the warranty period has already expired, then it is easier to do the work with your own hands, maximum in an hour.

The design of the drain has its own peculiarities: soapy water gets into the fitting; then it passes through the filter to the pump, where, under the generated pressure, it flows into the drain hose; through a flexible pipe, water enters the sewer system through a siphon or directly, sometimes the hose is not fixed, but simply lowered into a bath or sink.

Cleaning the drain hose without dismantling There are several ways to clean the drain system in the washing machine, some methods do not require dismantling the hose and violation of the integrity of the bolted warranty seals, this is important if the unit is under warranty service. The use of chemicals In the first method, household chemicals are used, specially designed to dissolve scale and deposits on the walls of the hose and the surfaces of the unit, you can buy them in any supermarket or home appliance store, in service centers.

You need to proceed as follows: In the tray for the powder, pour in or pour in the cleaning compound. Set the washing mode for at least an hour, usually this is the "cotton" mode with a temperature of 90 ° C. Disable the stage "spinning" and start washing.

Dismantling the drain hose in different models of washing machines

. At first glance, everything is simple, but the main difficulty in cleaning the hose is the difficult access, because the disconnection point is inside the body of the washing machine. Depending on the model, the drainage system is installed in the rear, side or front and is fixed in different ways, but in all cases, you must first do the following:

Disconnect the machine from the power supply

Close the inlet tap and drain all water from the machine

Pull the drain hose out of the drain and siphon by removing the clamp.

Mechanical cleaning of the removed hose

After removing the drain tube, it must be inspected for integrity, cleaned and rinsed as follows:

A thin Kevlar cable must be pushed into the hose with a brush from one and then from the other end and clean out all small inclusions and lint, to completely remove the accumulated plaque may take several approaches.

Rinse the tube under a strong stream of warm water in a sink or bath.

Visually inspect the pump and filter, remove lumps of wool and threads, small objects from them.

Fix the hose with a hose clamp at the point of connection with the pump.

Assemble the washer, to check the tightness of the connections and correctness assembly run quick wash. If you need help with emergency washing machine repair, call us right now!