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Washing machine drain pump won't stop

Issue description:

Sometimes there is such a situation - the washing machine does not stop and does not turn off, that is, it washes endlessly. This malfunction is quite rare, but it is not always so easy to understand why this is happening. Here are the reasons why the washing machine does not turn off:

improper connection to the sewer, resulting in the effect of "self-draining"

heating element is broken or current leaks from it

drain pump is faulty

problems with the electronic unit.

Washing machine drain pump won't stop


Incorrect connection to the sewage system - The siphon effect, or as it is sometimes called "self-draining" occurs when the washing machine is not properly connected to the sewer. According to the rules, the end of the drain hose must be above the water level in the drum and be airy. Failure to comply with these standards leads to the fact that water flows out of the machine itself.

Heating element burned out

When the heater breaks down, the electrical circuit of the washing machine is disturbed, as a result of which the program can run endlessly in a circle. But quite often something else happens. The heating element has not burned out, but there is a current leakage to the case. As a result, a failure occurs at the software level or in the control module circuitry. In case of any breakdown, the heating element must be changed immediately. Note that hard water, and as a result, scale, reduces the life of the heater. The simplest preventive measure is citric acid.

The drain pump is faulty

Problems with the pump can cause the washing machine to not stop. Water is not pumped out of the tank and the controller continues to cycle. The reason for this may be a malfunction of the pump or a blockage.

Wiring diagrams with the logic embedded in them are different for manufacturers, so constant washing can occur only in some models. The most insidious pump malfunction is the loss of thrust. That is, for example, it quietly pumps out 3 liters, but when the tank is fully loaded, it cannot. The controller does not understand the situation and continues the program. Then a replacement is needed.

Control module

In the absence of all of the above breakdowns, the problem is in the electronic module. By itself, this element is reliable, but it can be damaged by power surges. If there is an endless wash, it will most likely not work to restore its correct operation. If you need help with washing machine repair San Jose, call us right now!