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Washing machine drum off track

Issue description:

So, if the drum in the washing machine stops spinning, you do not need to immediately call the master. If the problem is not serious, you can first try with it yourself. Before you start diagnosing yourself, you should take some precautions:

Forcibly end the washing program

Disconnect the machine from the power supply

Place a bowl under the hatch and drain the remaining water into it

Remove the laundry from the drum

If necessary, wipe the inside of the drum dry

Unfold the washing machine and remove the back panel (in most cases you just need to unscrew a few screws).

Washing machine drum off track


Overloading the laundry: checking the weight

Having completed all the necessary preparatory work, you can begin to identify the causes of the breakdown. But before that, we recommend that you read the instructions for the washing machine again and check the maximum allowable weight of the laundry. The fact is that all washing machines are designed for a certain number of kilograms. Most modern models automatically block washing if you load too much laundry into the drum.

If the drum of the machine does not spin for this very reason, you do not need to take any steps: just do not overload the unit next time, otherwise the consequences can be quite serious.

Drum rotates by hand

Did you follow the operating instructions exactly and the weight of the laundry did not exceed the specified limits? This means that the source of the problem lies elsewhere. To find it, first of all, you need to try to turn the drum with your hand. If it rotates, it is likely that the failure has occurred for one of the following reasons.

Damaged drive belt in the engine

The heart of any mechanism is its engine. The washing machine is no exception. The quality of your washing machine depends on the state of the engine. The belt is one of the most important parts of the engine. It is most prone to abrasion and other damage. Abrasion can loosen or even break the drive belt.

Defective software module

This problem is more serious. It is, of course, possible to identify it on your own, but it will be much more difficult to cope with it without knowledge of electronics programming. Experts correct the situation by zeroing or flashing the firmware device. In some cases, it may need to be replaced.

Burned carbon brushes

Carbon brushes are another important part that is necessary for the stable operation of the washing machine engine. They are needed in order to take on some of the voltage, thereby extending the life of the engine. Sometimes it happens that the brushes "burn out", that is, they wear out. If this happened, then the cause of the malfunction immediately becomes clear, since a carbon deposit appears on the surface of the brushes - as if they were burnt. Burned-out brushes must be replaced with new ones.

The washing machine motor is defective

Despite the seeming simplicity, the washing machine is quite complex, which can cause many different problems associated with the operation of any part of the electric motor. For example, the drum may "refuse" to spin due to a short circuit in the windings, or due to a breakdown of the ignition coil tachometer. Whatever the reason, if you cannot identify it yourself, it is better to abandon attempts at self-repair and resort to the help of a professional.

Drum jammed

There is another group of malfunctions directly related to the drum operation. In some cases, the drum wedges, and then it cannot be set in motion even by pushing it with a hand. The drum may jam for one of the following reasons.

Foreign Object Entry

The most common reason for the drum stopping to rotate is foreign objects entering the interior of the machine. Most often this happens during washing, when coins, keys, hairpins and other small things fall out of pockets. In this case, you can remove the obstacle yourself. To do this, you need to open the top panel, find a tubular electric heater (TEN) and carefully disconnect it. In the resulting cavity, as a rule, there are things that have got inside. Having pulled out a foreign body, we carry out all the same actions in the reverse order.

Bearing malfunction

Bearing is the most important element of the washing machine mechanism. If you need help with home washing machine repair, call us right now!