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Washing machine faucet leaking

Issue description:

When the washing machine tap is closed, it is normal. You open it - it flows straight from under the swivel mechanism (handle). What to do?

Washing machine faucet leaking


Check beforehand whether the joints are sealed - threaded connections.

If ok, then your tap is defective. The valve stem that sticks out of the body and to which the handle is attached is sealed with a rubber ring, or two, depending on the manufacturer). This ring seals the gap between the body and stem. Your crane does not perform its function.

Your actions: buy a new reliable crane.

Buy a new sealing ring. Disassemble the crane. Replace the ring. Collect. The success rate is 30%. Since the problem may be not only in the ring, but also in the stem or in the valve body. If you need help with washing machine repair near me, call us right now!