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Washing machine is not heating the water

Issue description:

This situation happens all the time. Everyone knows the sensational videos about the hardness of tap water and the deteriorated washing machines. But do not be upset in advance, there are quite a few possible causes of the malfunction. It is possible to determine exactly most of them only by carrying out the necessary diagnostics, but we will consider the most common.

When the water in the car stops heating, many immediately begin to blame the heating element (TEN) for this, but the guaranteed operation of these devices is about 5 years, therefore often the reasons are not at all in them.

First, you need to make sure that the water is not really heating up. Many people take the temperature of the laundry at the end of the wash as an indicative factor, but rinse the laundry with cold water. Therefore, it is possible to determine the exact presence or absence of heating only during the program execution. Many newer machines stop the program in such cases and display an error on the display. For others, it is necessary to periodically touch the glass of the hatch cover. If its temperature does not change over the entire wash, your fears are correct.

The water in the machine may not heat up as a result of improper connection of equipment. The position of the drain hose should not be lower than the level of the tank, otherwise water will circulate in the machine constantly and the device will simply not be able to heat it.

Sometimes the reason may lie in incorrectly selected operating modes. Some of them are designed for washing. In addition, many machines are equipped with special temperature controllers. If you set it to a too low value in manual mode and did not reset it, the water will not heat up either.

Possible breakdowns:

When all of the above can be discarded, rather commonplace factors remain. This is the malfunction of the ten. It can fail both due to scale and hard powder, and as a result of voltage surges in the network. Diagnosis - its replacement.

The washing machine will not heat up the water if the temperature sensor (thermostat) breaks down. The control module of the machine does not know what temperature has been reached, therefore it blocks the process of further heating. Limescale is also a common cause of thermostat malfunction. The device has to be changed.

In case of voltage drops in the network, the stabilizer in the control module or programmer can break through. As a result, the devices will not be able to send the heating elements a command to heat the water as needed

Washing machine is not heating the water


In all these cases, it is better to resort to the help of certified representatives for correct diagnostics and prompt repair. If you need help with washing machine repair San Jose, call us right now!