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Washing machine is overfilling in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

You have loaded the laundry, set the desired program, and the washing machine starts filling with water. In the first minutes everything went normally, but at some point it became clear that the water supply did not stop at the right moment, and there was a lot of water in the drum.

After that, the drain pump turned on, the water entering the drum went into the sewer, and the machine stopped washing and gave an error message in the form of a message on the display or a combination of flashing indicators. If this happened to your washing machine, then you are faced with the overflow of water to the machine.

How dangerous is the overflow of water in the washing machine?

Many non-professionals who do not understand the device of washing machines "scare" users with the terrible consequences of overflow. Say, there is a great risk of flooding neighbors or flooding the electronic control unit of the machine itself. In fact, most modern washing machines have built-in overfill protection. As soon as the water level in the tank reaches a critical one, the overflow protection is triggered, the water is drained, and the device issues an error message. The risk of flooding neighbors or spoiling the electronic components of the device itself is only in very old automatic machines, mainly of domestic production.

The reason why the washing machine overflows water most often lies in the breakdown. Only in rare cases can a problem be corrected on its own.

The washing machine is pouring a lot of water - when can you fix it yourself?

If the problem occurs for the first time, then the control module may have malfunctioned once. There is only one solution - unplug the washing machine for a few minutes and then turn it on again.

If the “reset” of the device did not help, then, most likely, one of the machine components has failed. Most likely, the water overflow is caused by a malfunction of the pressure switch (water level sensor). According to statistics, in 90% of cases, the reason why the washing machine picks up a lot of water is precisely the failed pressure switch.

Washing machine is overfilling

Problem solution:

A list of major breakdowns that lead to overflow of water and their solutions.

The washing machine draws up a large amount of water (its level can reach the middle of the drum), then immediately drains it, stops the washing program and displays an error message (water level sensor),

In this case, the tube (hose) will need to be: put on, cleaned, replaced.

If the pressure switch chamber is clogged with scale and dirt, you will need to remove the device and clean the chamber.

If out of order the water level sensor itself, only its replacement will help.

Electronic controller (control module) is faulty. During the flooding, the controller does not give a command to stop the collection of water, and it continues to flow into the machine. Repair or complete replacement of the control board is required.

The filler valve is out of order. It is stuck in the open position, so water is constantly flowing into the machine and it cannot finish the program. Only valve replacement will help. If you need help with home washing machine repair, call us right now!