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Washing machine knob broken

Issue description:

Even in the highest quality washing machine, the handle can break off. Its plastic part is very fragile. When subjected to constant stress when trying to open, it may not withstand. If you pull the handle before opening the lock, it will also quickly break. It cannot be repaired; you will need to install a new part. You can do this yourself.

The cause of the breakdown is usually careless handling, and not a marriage or poor-quality device. Typically, the handle breaks when trying to open the door after the end of the wash. You need to gently press on it until you hear a characteristic click, indicating the release of the lock, and then carefully open it.

Washing machine knob broken


When faced with a breakdown, there is no need to worry. You can replace the part without calling a specialist. First you need to dismantle it. There are several ways to do this.

You should first inspect the broken part. If only part of the handle breaks off, you may be able to open the door for the rest. For which sometimes you need to use tools. Taking the part remaining on the door with pliers, it is necessary to press on the spring and pull the hatch towards you. If these steps do not help, you can use other methods:

If the machine is equipped with an emergency opening, you need to pull the special cable or lever. It is located near the drain filter. To get to it, you need to remove the bottom panel.

Open the hatch from the inside. You need to remove the top cover of the equipment and reach the inner lock by hand. Press on it and push the door from the inside.

With a rope. Taking a strong rope, insert it into the hole between the hatch and the body from the side of the lock. Pull the rope and pull it from both sides to the lock. The rope will press the lever and the machine will open.

To change the handle, the door from the machine must be removed and the broken part removed. It is not difficult to dismantle it yourself, without the help of a master. The instruction is very simple:

Open the door. Find the attachment points to the body near the canopy. As a rule, these are self-tapping screws that can be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the loading door cover, put it on the floor. It will need to be disassembled. Unscrew the mounting bolts around the circumference of the cover. To do this, you need a regular or Phillips screwdriver, depending on the type of fasteners.

Insert a flat screwdriver into the gap between the inner and outer parts, pry off. Disassemble the door into two halves, remove the glass.

The handle is fixed with a metal rod. You need to press on it with an awl or a thin pin, push and hook the rod, and then pull it out.

Get the handle and spring.

How to install a new handle

The handle should be purchased at a hardware store. When you go shopping, you need to rewrite the model and name of the machine so that the new part fits. It is completed with a spring and a rod required for fastening.

Handle installation instructions:

Insert the spring. It is required to put it in the same place where the previous one stood. At the same time, it is important to be attentive. The spring should fit exactly into place. This is quite difficult, you need to try.

Insert the hook with the handle until it stops. When the part is in its position, insert the pin. It must be passed through all holes. While pushing, it should be rotated to facilitate entry into the holes. You can use pliers.

Having dealt with the problem, you should check if the handle is working properly. Due to the spring, it is slightly retracted. If the handle is not pushed by the spring, it is not inserted correctly. It is better to immediately disassemble it and try to insert it again.

Next, you need to place the glass and attach the second half of the lid until it clicks. Fasten the halves with the fixing bolts and install the door on the machine. If you need help with high end washing machine repair, call us right now!