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Washing machine moving while spinning

Issue description:

What to do if the washing machine jumps during washing or spinning and how to adjust its position? Sometimes the washing process is accompanied by unnatural behavior of household appliances - noisy shaking and “jumping.”

Someone does not pay attention to the problem that has arisen, someone is used to such manifestations of the work of a mechanical assistant. But you should not ignore such oddities of the washing machine. Anomalies that appear indicate a malfunction or abnormal installation.

Washing machine moving while spinning


Manufacturers of washing machines, applying innovative techniques, strive to produce high-quality products - the most quiet and convenient for the consumer.

But natural vibration and slight shaking are observed in all brands and models of household appliances without exception.

The practice of operating household appliances has revealed the main reasons "Mobility" and increased vibration during washing.

Presence of transport bolts

When connecting and installing a new washing machine on your own, there may be situations when the transport fastener has not been dismantled.

The drum is not completely blocked in this case and the fixing bolts prevent free rotation of the drum mechanism, which causes damage to many parts and components.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to inspect the housing of the unit and remove the transport bolts of the washing machine.

Unstable support on the base

If the washing machine shakes and moves during operation, then possible reason for the room lies in its unstable position.

The floor of the room where the "washing machine" will be installed must be flat and firm. The levelness of the base can be checked with a spirit level.

Deviations from the zero mark are easily corrected by adjusting the support legs. In the presence of a slippery and smooth surface, it is possible to use a rubberized underlay that stabilizes the stability.

Imbalance of the loaded laundry

In rare cases, the uneven arrangement of the items in the drum can cause the washing machine to shake violently and make noise.

Laundry imbalance during washing occurs from non-compliance with the normative requirements for the weight of the loaded products, as well as due to careless loading.

In this situation, you need to interrupt the mode in progress, unfold and sort the items or put off unnecessary items for the next wash. Overloading the laundry, moreover, contributes to poor removal of dirt from the products.

Breakage of shock absorbers

The shock absorbers are used to reduce and mitigate vibrations that occur during the "spin" mode, when the drum picks up high speed.

Damper breakage is directly related to from imbalance of the loaded laundry and overload.

It is better to entrust the replacement of defective parts to a qualified specialist or to perform in service centers. At home, to increase the life of the shock absorbers, it is necessary to comply with the loading requirements.

Bearing wear

Premature bearing wear is one of the likely causes of unnatural shaking of the washing machine.

Increasing noise of unclear origin also indicates the destruction of bearings. (By the way, the article on self-replacement of the bearing of a washing machine drum may be useful to you). If you need help with high-quality washing machine repair, call us right now!