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Washing machine no water in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Naturally, in such a waterless state, the machine does not work. So what to do if the washing machine stops drawing water? Perhaps there was some kind of breakdown.

But first, let's check - is there any water at all? Is there water in the tap? Perhaps everything is in order with the machine, just preventive work from utilities.

The main reasons why the washing machine does not fill with water

The simplest and at the same time, the most common malfunction is a banal blockage in the intake valve. The machine is protected from small debris that is sometimes found in tap water. It looks like a fine mesh and is located in front of the inlet valve through which water is drawn into the machine. If the mesh is "clogged", water stops flowing into the washing machine. You can try to cope with this problem yourself: take out the mesh and rinse it thoroughly. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to entrust the work to the master.

If everything is in order with the filter, then the reason, most likely, lies in a more complex breakdown.

Water supply valve is faulty

Control module is faulty (in electronic washing machines) or programmer (in mechanical)

Defective water sensor

Defective sunroof locking device (UBL).

Washing machine no water

Problem solution:

The electronic water supply valve is “burnt out”. Water enters the washing machine under the pressure of the water supply. Opens the flow of the valve, which receives a signal from the control module. If the valve is faulty, then the machine “physically” cannot collect water. It is necessary to replace the valve.

The machine does not give the command to "take water", as the control element has broken. This situation is the opposite of the one described above: the valve is operational and ready for operation, but it does not receive a signal that it is necessary to draw water. A "flashing" or replacement of the control module is required.

The pressure switch (water level sensor), which measures and controls the amount of water supplied for washing, is out of order. In the event of a breakdown, the washing machine cannot estimate the amount of water and the wash does not start. It is necessary to replace the sensor.

UBL is out of order: in this case, at the beginning of washing, the “lock” icon is on. UBL protects the machine from opening the hatch during operation, because at high speeds it can be traumatic. If the locking device does not work, the washing machine will not start to avoid accidents. Replacement of UBL is required. If you need help with home washing machine repair, call us right now!