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Washing machine not draining water

Issue description:

Often the user himself is to blame for the fact that the water does not drain from the washing machine, and the equipment has nothing to do with it. For example, an incorrectly selected program, in which the machine does not drain the water, so as not to crumple the laundry. Before you suspect a breakdown, you should start small and re-read the instructions. If the incorrectly set program has been confirmed, then you should set the desired one and restart the wash cycle. There are frequent cases of kinking of the drain hose - this option is also worth checking out. The hose itself, the siphon or the sewage system may be clogged.

If the above problems are not confirmed, then there is a malfunction in the machine itself. The automatic machine may not drain the water due to:

clogging of the filter installed on the drain - pump failure - breakdown of the programmer, control module, program failure - breakdown of the water level sensor (pressure switch).

Washing machine not draining water


Corrective options:

The filter element is clogged. Often coins and scraps of paper remain in pockets, which fall out during washing. Small pieces of cloth can also get caught in the filter. This problem is solved simply - unscrew the filter plug (usually at the bottom right), and clean the element.

The drain hose is clogged. We disconnect the hose, clean it, rinse it, put it in place.

Threads and hair are wound on the impeller or the pump shaft. If this happens, remove the pump and remove foreign objects. A breakdown of the impeller or failure of the pump motor is also possible - in this case, the unit will have to be replaced, however, before that, you should drain the water of their machine yourself. If you need help with washing machine repair San Jose, call us right now!