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Washing machine shaking too much

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Why does the washing machine jump?

Very often, increased vibration is characteristic of machines that have just been installed. There may be several reasons for this:

If the washing machine has just arrived from the store, the transit bolts may not have been removed. They are necessary to fix the tank of the machine during transportation, and although they do not block the drum "tightly", they still seriously interfere with work and lead to increased wear of the main units. So if the machine has just crossed the threshold of your house, be sure to check if all the shipping bolts were removed during installation! The number may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it is best to check the instructions.

If all transport devices are removed, the problem may be in the installation. Washing machines are quite capricious - they like a perfectly flat floor. Try shaking the clipper with your hands. If it “limps”, it means that you need to adjust the legs and fix them in the desired position with a lock nut.

Not often, but still there are situations when the washing machine jumps a lot due to the floor being too smooth and “slippery”. In this case, try to install the unit on a rubberized mat or use anti-slip stickers for the legs (as a last resort, you can take double-sided construction tape).

If your machine has served faithfully for more than one year, and suddenly began to vibrate - perhaps a problem in the imbalance of the linen. When overloading or uneven distribution of things on the drum, your typewriter is heavy, damp laundry “rocks” it. We recommend stopping the spin, “shaking” and spreading the laundry in the tank (if overloaded, divide it into two portions) and restart the spin program.

But if everything is in order with the installation of the machine, and the situation with jumps repeats regardless of the amount of loaded laundry, then, unfortunately, we are talking about some kind of malfunction.

Washing machine shaking too much


The main reasons why the washing machine vibrates a lot during spinning. By and large, any vibrations indicate that some part in the washing machine is out of balance. In this table, we have given the most common reasons for the "jumping" of the washing machine.

Wear of shock absorbers or dampers. The main task of shock absorbers is to damp vibrations that occur in the machine at high speeds. Over time, shock absorbers fail. Overloading the machine and uneven distribution of laundry "helps" to speed up this process. In addition to excessive vibration, the washing machine can also emit characteristic knocks during spinning when defective shock absorbers hit the washer body. Replacement of shock absorbers is required. As a rule, there are two of them - and you need to change both at the same time so that the load is evenly distributed! Otherwise, the old shock absorber will fail very quickly and you will need the help of a specialist again.

Spring wear. Another vibration catcher is the springs on which the tank is attached. Like shock absorbers, they wear out over time and lose their elasticity. Both springs need to be replaced.

The counterweight mountings are loose or the counterweight itself has begun to collapse. The counterweight is a heavy block that also dampens vibrations and provides stability to the washing machine. It is usually made of concrete or plastic. Concrete counterweights can crumble and collapse over time. However, much more often there are problems with the attachment of counterweights - they loosen, there is a characteristic knock (and without grinding) and vibration. It is necessary to adjust / replace the mounting bolts or the counterweight itself.

Bearing wear and destruction. Over time, due to moisture ingress, the bearing begins to rust and deteriorate. In the initial stages, the machine makes an iron grinding; in case of more serious damage, this leads to a free lateral movement of the shaft with a drum and strong vibration during spinning. It is highly discouraged to use such a machine! If the bearing "scatters" during operation, its fragments can seriously damage other parts of the unit. If you need help with high end washing machine repair, call us right now!