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Washing machine spin cycle not working

Issue description:

Sometimes even reliable equipment fails. It is a complete surprise when the machine does not spin during the working cycle. No need to rush to do her job manually. It is better to figure out what could have caused the program to fail.

The fact that the machine does not spin is indicated not only by the fact that the technique stops during the intended spin, does not pick up high speed, and the program suddenly freezes. You can find out about the problem if there is water in the drum at the end of the wash or on wet clothes after the spin phase. Various malfunctions can affect the fact that the washing machine does not accelerate when it goes to spin. Before calling the technician from the service, you should try to deal with the problem yourself.

If the problem is that the washing machine is humming and stops spinning after the washing phase, it may be due to the function that determines the strength of vibrations at the speed of the washing drum. When these fluctuations become more than the permissible norm, the washing machine stops and does not spin. This is how the vending machine reacts to a dangerous amplitude of tank movement. Strong shaking can begin due to worn shock absorbers, an uneven surface on which the washing machine stands.

Washing machine spin cycle not working


The most commonplace reasons for the appearance of noise lie in the clogging of the space between the tank and the drum. Often there are small extraneous objects: coins, accessories and so on. Blockages are often an obstacle to normal washing machine operation. She squeezes badly and does not build momentum. To prevent the machine from hanging up again and more serious breakdowns, it is necessary to remove the heating element and take out the items that have fallen into it.

Washing program selected incorrectly

In this situation, the spinning does not work in the device. But rushing to twist wet things with your hands is not an option. It is better to read the instructions carefully. Not every wash program has a spin function. Sometimes the laundry spins out at low drum speeds or the wash cycle ends with a rinse. Then the water is drained from the car, but things inside remain wet. If, after opening the hatch door, the presence of water in the tank is detected, you need to check how the program options are set. Perhaps spinning is not expected initially. For example, if a gentle mode is selected for things made from delicate types of fabrics, and so on. The problem is not that, since everything will be fixed by resetting the regulator to the desired function. But it also happens that the spin is simply accidentally turned off by one of the household members. To squeeze out the washed items in this case, you just need to reset the regulator to the "Spin" option, and start the process using the "Start" button. The number of revolutions on the regulator is not set - also one of the common reasons for a non-accidental spin. At the zero mark, the machine does not provide for spinning the laundry. The water will simply drain and the cycle will end.

Uneven distribution of laundry

This is what upsets the balance of the washing machine. Models with a display will report a balance problem with the information code UE or E4. In other devices, the washing process simply stops at the spin stage, and all indicators light up at the same time. Often, if an imbalance occurs, the laundry in the drum becomes lumpy. Also, incorrect loading of bedding leads to a crash in the program. For example, when they were stacked in a tank. To eliminate the imbalance, it is enough to manually distribute the laundry evenly.

Drum overload

Eliminating the weight overload is the simplest thing. You just have to remove some of the laundry from the washing machine. Or try to redistribute things, and restart the "Spin" function. Exceeding the maximum permissible weight poses a danger to the device, therefore, in case of such a violation, an error code is displayed on the display or the whole process is stopped. The situation can be easily solved by turning off the power and removing some of the items from the washing tub. To avoid overloading the drum in the future, load the laundry according to the instructions for use. It is important to take into account the fact that wet clothes become heavier, therefore maximum load is undesirable. Imbalance and overloading are equally unsafe for washing machines. Automation stops work before the start of the most active phase of washing - spinning at high speeds.

Useful tips

To avoid problems with the washing machine, you need to operate it according to the instructions and follow simple recommendations.

Use high-quality detergents for washing proportions specified by the manufacturers. Saving or being generous with powders and gels is equally detrimental to the wash result and the function of the appliance. An abundance of washing powder will someday ruin the pressure switch.

Use reliable surge protectors to protect the washing machine from power surges.

Keep the machine clean inside and out. Clean filter, rubber seal and powder container regularly. If you need help with washing machine repair around me, call us right now!