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Washing machine valve leaking in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The turned off machine is filled with water, when it is idle, a puddle appears on the floor, the powder is not taken away during washing. All this indicates a malfunction of the filler valve in the washing machine. Let's analyze how to fix the breakage with our own hands.

First, you need to make sure that it is the washing machine supply valve that is out of order. Signs of a breakdown are water entering the tank when the equipment is off, or vice versa, its absence when the wash is started.

The shut-off valve on the washing machine performs the same functions as a regular tap. Only it does not open manually, but with an electric coil at the command of the control unit. When power is applied, water under pressure rushes into the tank or into the powder compartment, depending on the program.

Main malfunctions Housing, filter-mesh, membrane, spring, winding, nozzles - all these parts of the inlet mechanism come out of building. Let's analyze the main types of malfunctions.

The inlet mesh is clogged

There is a metal or plastic mesh at the valve inlet. It retains large mechanical debris from the pipes, without passing particles into the drum. The dirtier the water in the plumbing, the faster it gets clogged. The dirt on the filter is visible from the outside; just remove the supply hose. Every time to disassemble the entire assembly for cleaning, it makes no sense. The mesh is removed with pliers, translational and rotational movements. The inlet filter must be cleaned: rinse under running water and blow through with air.

Diaphragm clogged

Elastic and resilient rubber diaphragm moves with each stem movement, opening and closing the tube. Once clogged, the gum does not fit tightly to the walls of the case and lets water into the tank, even in the closed position. The membrane should be removed from the body, inspected for integrity, and checked for elasticity. If there are cracks, scuffs, the part must be replaced.

The return spring breaks or clogs up

From time to time, the return spring is compressed and may break. If the part is visually in good condition, it should be slightly stretched and put in place during assembly. If there are defects, breaks, rust, the spring must be replaced with a similar one.

Damaged housing

There is an electromagnetic coil in the plastic sheath, inside of which the stem and diaphragm move. If there are cracks, water will constantly leak into the machine and can get onto electrical components. As a result, the "washing machine" shocks at the moment of touching the body. This is fraught with a short circuit and fire.

Hoses from the valve

Water, passing through the filling valve, enters the container for detergents and rinse aid through the hoses. The integrity of the pipes must be checked first. In the presence of cracks, tears, water from above will drip onto the engine, pump and other parts located below. In addition to a puddle on the floor, this will lead to a short circuit of the winding of electric motors with their subsequent failure.

Washing machine valve leaking

Problem solution:

Almost everyone can remove and repair the inlet valve on the washing machine. The assembly has a simple design, can be easily removed and put back in place. When carrying out repair work, keep in mind safety. If the washing machine is still under warranty, you cannot disassemble it yourself, you need to call the master.

Instructions on how to dismantle and diagnose the valve with your own hands:

Turn off the power supply.

Cut off the water, drain the remains from the machine.

Expand or move the washing machine so that the rear wall is freely accessible.

Remove the cover. It slides back and rises.

Disconnect the wires and hoses.

Unscrew the water intake valve using a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the assembly.

Remove the magnetic coil, then the mesh, diaphragm and stem.

Carry out an external examination of all parts and hoses.

After disassembly, you can see which parts need to be replaced and which can be repaired. If the cause of the breakdown is a blockage, it is washed. In case of problems with the body and the coil, it is better to buy a new part. If you need help with washing machine repair around me, call us right now!