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Washing machine won't advance to next cycle in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

What to do if the washing machine does not complete the wash cycle?

As with other problems, the first step is to identify the cause of the problem. It is best not to try to do it yourself, but immediately use the services of a professional service center. Moreover, this symptom can manifest itself in different ways and indicate a variety of malfunctions of the unit.

The machine does not switch to rinsing or spinning mode

If during washing the machine does not automatically switch modes and, accordingly, does not complete the specified programs, the cause of the malfunction may be:

wrong position of the drain hose. If it is fixed below the set level, water can drain itself. It is because of him that the problem arises. The solution is to correct errors in the installation of the unit and failure of the heating element. The heating element may break due to limescale on its surface or normal wear and tear. And in fact, and in another case, the part needs to be changed - breakdown of the programmer or electronic control module. It is these components that are responsible for the correct execution of the program installed by the user. In the event of a breakdown, the machine may not start at all, or it may interrupt the cycle spontaneously.

Washing machine freezes during the program execution

Sudden stopping of the washing machine during the washing process can also lead to the fact that the cycle either remains incomplete or drags on for few hours. This problem can be caused by breakage of components such as:

water supply or drain hoses. Due to kinks, they may simply not let water into the tank, or not drain it into the sewer. It is in such a situation that the device simply freezes and waits for the problem to be eliminated

clogging of the filter, due to which it does not drain. The solution is cleaning or replacing the part and the failure of the drain pump.

With the presence of certain experience and special tools, such problems can be eliminated without the participation of specialists. If you have never encountered the repair of household appliances, it is better to use the services of professionals.

Washing machine won't advance to next cycle

Problem solution:

Troubleshooting solutions in case the machine does not complete the wash cycle are presented in the problem description. If you need help with washing machine repair around me, call us right now!