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Washing machine won't clean my clothes

Issue description:

A washing machine, like any other technically complex product, is not immune to breakdowns. One of the most common complaints among users is that the washing machine does not wash, that is, it refuses to perform its basic functions. There are several reasons for this. Therefore, before giving up and starting to look for a new machine, you should first determine the essence of the problem and assess the possibility of its elimination.

Why the washing machine does not wash? After turning on the power, the washing machine indicators light up, but pressing the "Start" button does not start washing

The washing machine does not turn on

If the user encounters a problem of the first type, then it is likely that the breakdown is minor, and repairs, if necessary, will not cost as much as the worried owner of the equipment might initially think.

In the second case, you first need to make sure that the machine is plugged in. If there are no problems with the power supply, then it is necessary to disconnect the washing machine from the network and check the integrity of the connection wire, the operability of the outlet to which the machine is connected. If the items listed are ok, you need to call the service center. The problem may lie in the electronic module, which can be reflashed or replaced. There is a possibility that it is no longer possible to help the technique, but only a professional can unequivocally confirm this.

What to do if the machine turns on, but does not wash?

Almost any modern washing machine has a software system for detecting errors when a certain combination of indicators and buttons. It is possible to rely on this system in cases where the meaning of these combinations is known - decoding for specific brands of washing machines.

Washing machine won't clean my clothes


However, before calling the specialists, you can try to independently determine the reason for the refusal of the machine from work. For this it is necessary to check:

The tightness of the closing of the door-hatch - this applies to all automatic machines with front loading, regardless of their manufacturer. In cases where the hatch is not closed, the protective electronic mechanism of the machine blocks the flow of water into the drum, and washing cannot start

Correctness of the selected program - sometimes it happens that in the process of turning on the machine, two mutually exclusive buttons were pressed simultaneously, or vice versa, not a single program has not been selected, and the device simply does not know that it needs to work. It is also recommended to turn off the machine for half a minute and then turn it on again: electronics, no matter how high-quality it is, is not immune from periodic failures, and such manipulation can help solve the problem

Water in the drum - if the two previous variants of the problem are excluded, then it is worth paying attention to the process of pouring water into the drum. If at the beginning of the launch of Indesit, Hansa or any other washing machine makes an unusual noise or even “is silent”, it is likely that water does not flow into it, and there is nothing to wash the machine with.

Also, ordinary users often describe the situation with the phrase "the machine does not wash" when the washing process starts, water starts to accumulate in the drum, but then it is immediately drained. Such a nuisance can occur with any typewriter, but, as a rule, at the beginning of its operation. This may be due to the incorrect connection of equipment to the drain system. It is simple to check whether this is the cause of the breakdown: you need to raise the drain hose to a height of 50-60 cm, and if the problem is solved, you just have to reconnect the "home assistant" correctly. Otherwise, it is recommended to contact specialists who will be able to more professionally determine the essence of the malfunction.

Washing machine control module In cases where a similar situation occurs after multiple use of the washing machine, there is a high probability of failure of the equipment module. The reverse relays on it are a rather fragile element, and the poor condition of the contacts can lead to the fact that the device ultimately refuses to perform its direct duties.

Unfortunately, there are no ways to prevent the machine from working as such. The only thing that can be advised is, at the very beginning of operation, to monitor the correct connection of the equipment to the electrical network, water supply and sewerage network, and also to properly care for your washing machine during its use. If you need help with home washing machine repair, call us right now!