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Washing machine won't lock in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

What to do if the washing machine does not close?

You started a wash, put the laundry in the washing machine, but it didn’t go further - for some reason the door stopped closing,. Most likely you have already checked to see if it was “pinched” by a hatch something thing. And they did not find anything - visually everything is in perfect order. What could be the reason why the hatch of the washing machine does not close?

In fact, there may be several reasons. But conditionally they can be divided into two classes:

mechanical damage - in this case the door is not fixed at all, and you do not hear a characteristic click or there are problems with the electronics - in this case the door closes, you hear that the lock has worked, but the hatch does not lock, and you do not hear the repeated click that occurs when the hatch is closed by electronics

In the second case, modern cars often give an error on the display: after all, for the safety of both users and the house, an unlocked machine does not start a cycle. If the hatch does not close even physically, then of course, even the most ancient automatic machine will not start.

However, you should not worry and look unfriendly at the pile of dirty linen. Let's try to figure out what exactly happened.

At the same time, both breakdowns - both mechanical and "electronic" practically do not happen, so then we suggest that you go straight to the point corresponding to your situation.

Washing machine won't lock

Problem solution:

The cause of mechanical damage, when the door does not close at all, can be both simple wear and tear and careless handling - the hatch was slammed hard, heavy damp things were hung on it.

Distortion of the hinges on the door. This will prevent the tongue of the locking device from falling into the “groove”. It is necessary to check the level of the door, as well as whether the hatch fasteners are tightened tightly. If there is visible misalignment, adjust.

Misalignment of the door locking tab. In this case, the tongue-hook also does not fall into the lock. This is most often caused by a metal stem that has fallen out and held the tongue in the correct position. It is necessary to disassemble the door and install the stem in its original place. Or a complete replacement of the hatch handle.

Deformation of the plastic guide. In some models of washing machines, a plastic guide is provided in the lock device, thanks to which the hatch door is locked. This guide is quite thin. As the washer is used, the hinges that hold the hatch door sag. Gradually, from closing the door in such a slightly "skewed" position, the guide is worn out. The total skew is not so great that the door does not close at all, but the "hook" does not hit the groove, from which the hatch is not fixed. Replacement of the plastic guide is required. If you need help with affordable washing machine repair, call us right now!