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Washing machine won't spin

Issue description:

The drum does not spin in the washing machine, all other functions are normal. what could be the cause of the malfunction and how can it be repaired? Such a malfunction can occur for several reasons:

A foreign object has got into the tank - during washing, small parts often remain in the pockets, buttons and pawls come off from the clothes from zippers, which could simply jam the tank. To pull them out, you need to provide access to the internal elements of the washing machine and good lighting - they need to be found and carefully pulled out.

The bearing on the drum shaft is worn out - to replace the bearing, you need to de-energize the machine and get to the internal elements. Remove the old bearing or what is left of it, clean the shaft, apply grease and replace it with a new one.

Drive belt worn or sleeping - you will need to remove the back cover where the belt is located to check and fix this problem.

The engine is out of order - the electric drive can break for many reasons - the brushes were demolished, the windings were broken, the shaft also jammed. The solution to problems with the electric drive can be solved both by a simple replacement of the brushes and by a complete replacement of the electric motor.

The electronic control unit has failed - despite the fact that the display continues to display numbers and respond to commands, some microcircuits could fail, burn off contacts or leads.

Washing machine won't spin


It is recommended to start spinning the drum by hand. If it is not spinning, then there is a foreign object or defective electronics. It is necessary to check both when the machine is turned on and when it is turned off. Does the drum refuse to work only in a connected washing machine? This means the problem is in the electronics. If it does not spin by hand in both cases, there is a foreign object in the machine that needs to be removed and everything will work.

It often happens that the drum does not spin due to overload. Try to reduce the amount of laundry. Suddenly it will help.

If you have a vertical typewriter, check the sash. Suddenly the mount is out of order.

If everything is normal, then the problem may be hidden in the following moments:

The rusted bearing is jammed

The drive belt has fallen off or is out of order

The brushes of the electric motor are worn out

The control module is broken.

Electric motor burned out

In these cases it is recommended to replace the defective part. If you need help with washing machine repair San Jose, call us right now!