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Washing machine won't turn off in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Buying a washing machine is quite expensive. It took you a long time to choose a suitable model in terms of parameters and characteristics, compare prices from different manufacturers, maybe even save money. This is why you expect your au pair to work for a long time. But even the most expensive equipment can fail. Well, you shouldn't be too upset ahead of time. It is possible that the cause of the malfunction is actually not very serious and you can fix it yourself. And even if this does not succeed, it is still too early to give up on your equipment - an experienced master from the service will most likely be able to carry out repairs and eliminate the malfunction. To begin with, you can try to establish the reason why the washing machine does not stop.

How exactly the washing machine does not turn off?

Watch the wash cycle - at what stage does the washing machine start to "slip"? The first time it happened, or has this error been repeated several times already?

The washing machine does not turn off - what to do? Suppose the washing process itself went smoothly, but at the stage of draining the water there were some difficulties and the machine continues to spin the laundry, stop, click, then twist again and so on ad infinitum.

Another case: the washing became very long, the process time increased several times. In some cases, it does not stop washing at all and does not drain the water.

Or the water has drained out, but the machine for some reason does not turn on the spin mode, but everything continues and continues to spin the laundry without water in the drum.

Another option: completely after finishing the wash, rinse and spin cycle, the machine starts the whole cycle from the very beginning.

To stop this endless process, you have to disconnect the machine from the mains by unplugging the plug. Consider what are the causes of each of these problems.

Washer does not drain the water

The most common reason for this is that the drain pump has broken. Or the pump blades are blocked by a foreign object that has fallen into them - a coin forgotten in a pocket, a key, and so on. Until the water is drained, the washing machine cannot unlock the door, so it does not turn off. To check if the cause is really in the drain pump, you can drain the water through the drain filter. If after that the machine shuts down, then the point is in it. If not, then this is an electronics breakdown. It is better to entrust a specialist to replace or unblock the drain pump. Moreover - electronics repair.

The washing process is endless or too long. There may be several options.

Option one - the heating element (heating element) partially or completely burned out. The water does not heat up at all or very slowly, so the automation does not give a signal to spin and continue the cycle - the laundry was not washed in cold water! It is necessary to replace the heating element with a new one.

Option two: the water drain hose is on the floor. The heated water is gradually drained into the sewer system, and the sensors give a signal to add the volume of water. Thus, the heating element does not have time to heat the water to the required temperature, so the process is delayed or becomes non-stop. You need to fix the drain hose higher or make the correct installation of the connection of the washing machine to the water with the help of an experienced master.

Option three: the electronic control module "hung" or broke. A layman cannot solve such a problem on his own. The module needs to be rebooted or repaired, or its complete replacement is not ruled out.

Spin mode does not start

The machine has completed the wash mode, has drained water, but does not spin the laundry? This happens if the pressure sensor is out of order. There is no more water in the tank, and the sensor does not give a signal about it. Therefore, the control module does not give the next spin command. The problem is solved by replacing the sensor. Only a specialist can select the correct sensor for your machine and replace it.

Does not turn off programs, washing starts over

Here the problem may only be in the programmer or control board. The command to end the wash does not work, so the washing machine starts over. Need diagnostics of the entire electronic control module and its subsequent repair or replacement.

Washing machine won't turn off

Problem solution:

As you can see from the description, there can be several reasons for not turning off the washing machine. Some of these reasons can be eliminated by hand, but in most cases you will need help. It is possible and necessary to extend the life of your washing machine, but for this you should turn to good craftsmen, for whom the repair of washing machines is their narrow specialization. Our service repairs the most popular brands of washing machines. To make washing clothes a joy for you, inexpensive and high-quality repairs with a guarantee at home are just what you need. Contact us and we will help you! If you need help with washing machine repair around me, call us right now!