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Water heater discoloration

Issue description:

Often the cause of contaminated, rusty water flowing out of the tap is the water heater itself. Therefore, you need to be aware of situations where the unit can cause such a malfunction. Some parts may need to be replaced.

An easy reason for rusty water from a water heater is the chemical properties of the liquid. There are cases when water is supplied to the water supply from artesian wells. Then it can give a rusty tint when in contact with oxygen. This is due to its chemical properties. This situation is due to the large amount of iron in groundwater. To solve this problem, it will be enough to install the necessary filters that will purify the water from unwanted elements.

Water heater discoloration


If the water heater was not cleaned in time, corrosion and scale contained in the boiler can also get into the supply water stream. Therefore, regular cleaning should be done on time.

Proper care and adherence to operating standards will help to avoid unpleasant moments. If you need help with affordable water heater repair, call us right now!