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Water heater pilot light will not light

Issue description:

Why did the boiler stop heating water and the indicator light does not light up? External factors:

the water heater is not connected to the power supply

the contact between the electrical plug and the socket is interrupted

the automatic power supply or RCD does not work

the network wiring in the apartment is damaged

The thermostat is not turned on for heating. Internal factors:

heating element burned out

emergency thermostat triggered

main thermostat burned out

electronic module burned out (if any)

wiring in the water heater burned out.

Water heater pilot light will not light


What to do to rectify the situation: If the boiler does not heat up, the lamp does not light up, do the following:

Check if its plug is plugged into the socket

Push the plug to make sure the contact is secure

Plug in the other household appliance (table lamp, hair dryer, mixer) to check the power supply

Press the disconnect button of the safety device, then the power button. The indicator on the RCD case should light up.

Turn the knob of the thermostat to the maximum value

If you have skills in servicing electrical appliances, check the thermo-cutoff: disconnect the heater from the mains, remove the protective cover, press the thermal protection button on the emergency thermostat, plug it in.

If, after all the actions taken, the boiler still does not heat up, the light does not light up, or the automation is still constantly working, call a water heater repair specialist from the service center. If you need help with home water heater repair, call us right now!