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Water heater pipe leak

Issue description:

Leaking through the pipes from the boiler, as a rule, indicates that the tank is leaking. Quite often the reason for this is incorrect installation and connection of equipment. For the sake of imaginary reliability and a beautiful appearance, the liner is made with plastic pipes. Ultimately, the water hammer is transmitted to the boiler and a leak appears at the junction of the thin-walled tank and the water supply pipes. But if the problem is in the pipes themselves and you are sure of this, the following solutions are for you.

Water heater pipe leak


A common reason for the formation of smudges on the pipes for entering cold and leaving hot water is a loose connection. This often happens during self-installation, if the wrong sealing materials or poor-quality fittings are used.

If one of the pipe connections starts to leak, it will become noticeable through the leaks on the pipes. The connection should be untwisted, the old fum tape is removed, a new one is wound. Then you open the water, check the unit again.

Water flows through the piping, which indicates poor installation when connecting the boiler to the water supply. Many people install plastic pipes for themselves, but do not install safety valves, which, in the end, leads to a water hammer. If such problems are found, it is necessary to redo the water supply system. If you need help with emergency water heater repair, call us right now!