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Water heater tank making noise

Issue description:

If you hear clicks, hiss, popping, banging, or other strange sounds from the water heater, this is most often due to scale on the heating elements or too much sediment in the bottom of the tank. Other reasons include noises, a leak somewhere, too much pressure inside the tank, or noisy pipes because the normal expands / contracts. When your water heater makes noise, it is often harmless, but cleaning the boiler tank is necessary.

Water heater tank making noise


How to clean a water heater tank?

There are different types of contamination on the tank walls. If they are minor, they can be cleaned without completely dismantling the device. It is enough to wipe the walls from the inside with a soft cloth so as not to damage the coating. Then put a bucket under the boiler, open a small stream of cold water. All contamination will be removed. If there is a lot of dirt, a chemical solution and a lot of water will be required. Wash the tank walls with detergent and rinse thoroughly. If you need help with water heater repair around me, call us right now!