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Water heater water is too hot

Issue description:

The water after the water heater comes out very hot, what should I do? Overheating of the water supplied from the electric water heater can occur under the following circumstances.

Water heater water is too hot


Incorrect installation (connection), which leads to excessive steam generation and excessive hot water supply. The installation of this type of equipment must be carried out by specialists according to the approved scheme in accordance with the operating standards.

If excessive scale appears on the surface of the heating elements, urgent cleaning is recommended. To do this, the unit is disconnected from the network, the remaining water is drained from the tank and the case is disassembled. After - remove the clogged storage element (heating element) and clean it of scale, deposits using special means.

If there is a malfunction in the thermostat, which incorrectly affects the heating of water in an electric boiler. A failed element, depending on the type of breakdown, must be repaired or replaced.

With an incorrectly set temperature regime in the thermostat (incorrect settings should be corrected).

Incorrect installation, failure, clogging of a safety valve - a small but important element, ensuring the safety of the entire water heating system.

A sanitary part requires constant technical inspection and periodic replacement with a new one. If you need help with affordable water heater repair, call us right now!