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Water isn't pumping out washer during the spin cycle in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

What could have happened to the washing machine that it stopped draining the water? We can talk about both a breakdown and a normal situation. The reasons are different:

Clogged water drain filter or pipe plug

Pump malfunction

Defective control module (in electronic washing machines) or programmer (in models with electromechanical control)

Water level sensor is defective

Water isn't pumping out washer during the spin cycle

Problem solution:

First, let's determine the reason:

Check if the mode is correct? Almost all machines have a washing mode with a stop with water, that is, without spinning. Usually this mode is used for delicate fabrics or wool: gentle rinsing without spinning does not deform things - they do not stretch or wrinkle. If the water stop mode is selected, you must press the Start / Pause / Cancel button and start the drainage program.

Check if the drain hose is OK? It may be kinked or squashed - so the water cannot physically pass through the kink.

Is there a blockage in the drain or siphon (if the drain hose is connected to a siphon)? To do this, you must disconnect the hose and hang it in the bathroom or sink, then turn on any mode. If water flows freely from the hose, it means that there is a blockage in the sewer system. It must be cleaned - either on your own, or - to call a plumber.

If you are not mistaken with the choice of the program and all the "external communications" are normal - we are talking about a breakdown in the machine itself. In this case, we recommend that you turn off the washing machine from the mains, remove the laundry from the tank and drain the water using the drain filter (it is located in a small hatch at the bottom of the unit).

What to do after finding the cause of the malfunction:

There is a blockage in the system,. There is usually a filter in front of the drain pump. It traps threads, lint and small objects that, if they get into the drain pump, can disable it. The filter may be clogged enough to block water. It needs to be cleaned. To do this, unscrew the filter and rinse under running water. If a blockage has arisen in the pipe, then it is necessary to open the body of the machine. In this case, most likely you cannot do without a master.

The pump (pump) burned out. The pump in the washing machine looks like a small carousel. Rotating at high speed, it expels water into the sewer hole. If the pump has burned out, it needs to be replaced.

If the control module is out of order, the signal from the board does not go to the pump motor and the water is not drained. Repair of the control module is necessary.

If the pressure switch (water sensor) breaks down, it does not register that there is still water in the machine. The control unit receives a signal that all the water has been drained and the program can be ended. If you need help with washing machine repair, call us right now!