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Water leaks from the dishwasher

Issue description:

There are various factors and reasons explaining why the dishwasher leaks. In this case, the problem manifests itself not only in the form of a puddle under the device.

Water leaks from the dishwasher


Causes and elimination:

Misalignment of the device.

To correct the problem, the machine must be installed correctly

Damage to the sprayer

If a crack has formed in this unit, which has led to fluid leakage, it will be necessary to replace it

Contamination grease, food debris and other debris.

To restore the system to normal, clean it with a silicone spatula or detergent.

Damaged door seal

The part is inexpensive and can be easily replaced. Defects of the pressure switch

If a leak appears in the machine, it is necessary to check the functionality of the water level sensor. If it has been damaged, it will need repair or replacement. If you need help with dishwasher repair around me, call us right now!