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Weak stove burner flame

Issue description:

Are you familiar with the situation when a gas stove does not hold a flame? Or maybe the oven has stopped lighting? If you have any of the above questions, you cannot do without diagnostics and repair. But how can you find the cause of a malfunction? This is what will be discussed in our article. We are also talking about ways to eliminate breakdowns when the oven and gas burner decay with our own hands. To help the home craftsman, we will provide visual photos and diagrams, as well as thematic videos. In modern models of gas stoves, the extinction of the flame is one of the most common problems.

The burner of the table or oven burns weakly when the oven is cold and open at full tap. If there are problems with only one burner (the rest are working normally), then the reason is that the jet of the corresponding burner is clogged.

Weak stove burner flame


Repairs are simple. It is necessary to clean the nozzle (jet, nozzle). This is done with a thin wire or needle. First you can try to clean the nozzle without removing it. The nozzles of the table burners are installed under the burners. The oven burner nozzle is installed on the side of the stove. Getting to the oven nozzle is not always easy. Then you need to remove the bottom wall of the oven, unscrew and remove the burner (it is fixed there with one or two self-tapping screws). The nozzle can be accessed from the oven. If it is not possible to clean the nozzle without removing it, then it can be easily unscrewed with a suitable wrench. If all burners burn weakly, then the reason is low gas pressure. The combustion of the burner of an oven with a thermostat must be checked with a cold oven. Otherwise, the thermostat can reduce the gas supply when a certain temperature is reached. This is, in fact, its regular function. If you need help with high-quality stove repair, call us right now!