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Home Stove Repair Service in San Jose, CA

Need urgent stove repair of the stove, weakly warms, or smokes. We advise you not to use it until troubleshooting. As this can lead to even greater damage. It is necessary to entrust this process to professionals. In the event of a breakdown, it is wiser to contact a specialist. Use the services of experienced masters of our service. They are able to find the best solutions to suit your requirements. At the moment, all the involved masters are well acquainted with the design of stoves of any old and new brands: Thermador, Viking, LG, General Electric, Samsung, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero, Electrolux, Bosch. Employees will be able to arrive on request on the day of the call. Carrying all the necessary tools and equipment. As well as original spare parts. Therefore, the repair of the stove in my area will be performed as soon as possible and at the client’s home. Our company offers an urgent departure of a qualified specialist to your home in San Jose. With a set of repair kit of gas and electric stoves, as well as built-in stoves.

Any breakdown of equipment has its own reasons. Modern electronically controlled stoves have self-diagnosis. When a node fails, it informs about a breakdown. The equipment does not turn on, and a code indicating a specific malfunction is displayed on the display. With other mechanical models, to determine what happened in a particular case, you need to pay attention to characteristic features. Emergency stove repair service - stages:

  • Carefully dismantle the stove from the headset without damaging the furniture. The fixing screws are unscrewed, the power cable and terminals are disconnected. The stove is completely taken out of the niche. Then disassembly of the case, for access to the internal parts.
  • Troubleshooting. Diagnostic stage of the main electromechanical parts of the stove. Measurement of resistance, about a call according to the electric circuit diagram. Checking electronic components, determining the availability of power.
  • Having identified the breakdown and its causes, the master will announce the options for repair (repair or replacement), their pros and cons, as well as the exact cost and deadlines. After choosing the best option and your solution, the master, in the presence of spare parts, repairs the stove on the spot.
  • Assembly and installation of the stove, with subsequent testing, in different modes. Registration of a warranty card. Only making sure the serviceability and quality of the work performed, you pay for the service performed.

From our experience, 90% of the faulty stove is in need of repair. The question arises only in its appropriateness. The main criteria of which are cheap price and further service life (work insurance). Given the affordable cost and high end quality of the equipment currently manufactured, most breakdowns will be wiser to repair. In cases where the equipment cannot be repaired, our specialist will advise which stove is best to purchase. And carry out the dismantling and connection of the stove. We quick repair the following faults in San Jose:

Fix: stove igniter, top, burner, top burner problems, handle, pilot light, near me, burner, handle, clock, antique stove, pellet stove auger motor, jenn air stove, broken stove knob, burnt stove top, clock, cracked stove glass top, chipped stove enamel, ceramic, countertop stove, drawer, door bracket (hinges), mate loop (hinge), heating element (upper, lower, convection, wiring, cooling fan (tangential), spit motor, microwave repair, terminal block, control module, backlight cartridge.

Replace: drip pans, door glass, rope, gasket, fan with microwave, fuse, ,fireplace insert, hood with microwave, eating element, handle, hood fan, light knobs, outlet, plates, power cord, rope, receptacle, range top, rental, switch, park igniter, spark module, temperature controller (thermostat), timer (mechanical), door seal, mode switch.

Home Stove Repair Service
Fix Electric Stove Typical Faults

Fix Electric Stove Typical Faults in San Jose, CA

The stove is not working.

If your stove generally refuses to show any sign of life. There may be several reasons for this behavior. Loss of voltage in the mains, poor contact of the plug in the outlet, and complete failure of the equipment itself. Before calling the wizard, check the electricity in the outlet, connect to it another working electrical appliance. See cable and outlet integrity. Is the machine turned off in the electrical panel? If so, it means that the protection has worked, perhaps a short circuit has occurred in the stove. Try to return the switch to the on position. If it starts knocking out again when starting the stove, then the appliance is definitely defective. Most likely, the stove needs fix with the replacement of the cooking mode switch. Since the breakdown of this part completely destroys the equipment and is accompanied by the above symptoms. In stoves with electronic control, complete inoperability is associated with a malfunction of the electronic control module. Repair of the stove in this case involves soldering the circuit board of the electronic board, or replacing it.

The stove switches off spontaneously.

If after turning on and heating up the stove suddenly switches off spontaneously, and when it cools down, then it starts working again in normal mode, everything indicates overheating. This can happen due to incorrect operation of the control thermostat, in case of its closure. Or because of the failure of the fan specially designed for the internal cooling system. The fan may break itself, or it may simply not turn on due to a breakdown of the relay that controls it. Manufacturers took care of fire safety and equipped the equipment with fuses. Safety thermostat operates as follows. It measures the temperature level in the walls of the stove cabinet. And in cases of exceeding the maximum permissible level of heating, it interrupts the supply of electricity to the heating elements, thereby completely stopping heating. In all cases, it means that the fuse is working, but it is necessary to identify the cause of its operation. More precisely, to determine the faulty unit interfering with the proper operation of the unit. Repair of the stove may consist in the replacement of: a fan motor, an adjusting thermostat, a start-up sensor for the cooling system. Or the safety thermostat itself.

The cooked dish burns in the stove.

In a short heating time, the cooked dish began to burn. And you can’t adjust the temperature. This is a problem with the thermostat. In fairly simple stoves, a mechanical regulator is responsible for maintaining the temperature. It controls the operation of heaters. The principle of its operation is when the set temperature in the furnace chamber is reached, interrupt the supply of electricity to the heaters. As soon as the temperature drops by several degrees, it closes by passing through itself the power supply to the heaters. Thus, the stove maintains a stable temperature. If the thermostat is constantly closed, the heating elements are heated without stopping and fry the cooked food. You can check the correctness of its operation without special equipment, visually by the temperature heating indicator on the top control panel of the stove. If for all the cooking time it does not periodically go out, then it is definitely a matter of a thermocouple. Stove repair around me will only be done with the replacement of the thermocouple. Since this is a sensitive device and interference with its design will lead to serious and irreparable consequences in the operation of the stove.

An automatic machine is knocked out of the stove in the shield.

The machine worked in an electric panel - there was a short circuit in the stove wiring diagram. It mainly happens due to the failure of the heating element. Because this is the most heavily used item. It performs the function of heating. Constantly working in the high temperature range. During repeated heating-cooling cycles, its physical properties of the shell and internal insulation gradually deteriorate. As a result, the metal of the heater structure does not withstand, and is deformed. There is a contact of the outer layer with the inner heating coil, to which an electric current is supplied.

Also, the RCD can be triggered by overheating of the wiring. This happens after some time of operation. The plastic parts of the socket and terminals melt gradually, over and over again with each use of the stove. The reason in these cases is weak contacts or inappropriate consumables mounted by an unqualified specialist when the stove is connected to the mains. The machine operates as a protection against electric shock. Therefore, we warn that further use of the equipment is possible only after the diagnosis and repair of the stove.

The cooked dish is not baked.

If there is a violation of proper heating, pay attention to the thermostat or heating element. Determining if the heater is working is simple enough. To do this, turn on the stove in the required heating mode, the upper and lower heating at the same time. The top heater open its redness in a couple of minutes will notify about its serviceability. Otherwise, it will be clear that it burned. With a lower heater, differently. Since it is under the casing, its performance can be checked by touching the hand. But only immediately after switching on. If the heater is intact, you will feel growing warming. And also the cooked food itself, by external signs, burned up from above or below, will show you which of the elements does not work. If the dish does not burn, but just cooks for a long time, it is possible that the seal between the door and the cabinet has torn or leaves. A rubber seal is an important element; without it or when it is deformed, the door does not fit snugly against the body. As a result, the heat does not persist and leaves the chamber.

The door does not close at the stove.

In cases where the stove door, when opened, is freely tilted and does not close completely, the cause is a breakdown of the hinges. Basically, a malfunction occurs from the time of operation, the amount of door opening. Over time, the mechanism wears out, the fixing rivets come off, the supply springs are stretched, and they no longer manage to press the door to the case. But a human factor also happens, for example, a child sits on an open door and as a result the body of the hinge mechanism is deformed. Or with a strong opening of the door, an old cranked door closer mechanism pops out of the mount. This case can be identified by the unusual skew of the closed door. As a rule, repair of the stove in such cases is metalwork, and consists in reinstalling the door. If you adjust the hinges and return the door to its normal position, it is not possible, due to severe deterioration, replacement of stove parts will be necessary. It should be borne in mind that the door hinges are changed by a set, even if one of them is still functioning. Since the working, but rather worn out loop, will soon also fail.

The stove smells of burning.

After a short heating of the stove, a characteristic pungent odor appears. If it is felt that the chemical composition is present in the smell, it is easy to determine, it is caustic and toxic. And even after airing the premises it will remind of itself for a long time. You can be sure that this is the case of the power outlet melting, through which the stove is connected. Or the insulation of the electrical wiring on the ends of the cable to the outlet, and the plug burns out. This fault is preceded by an unskilled connection of the device to the mains. When mounting the device, the contact bolts in the terminal box or in the electrical outlet were not tightened enough. The electric cable in places of poor connection with each use of the stove heats up, the contacts oxidize. As a result, the plastic case melts to a terrible toxic smell. Such a malfunction is fraught not only with the failure of equipment, but also with the ignition of electrical wiring. Repair of the stove in this case can be performed by a certified electrician, by qualitatively replacing a damaged outlet.

Fix Gas Stove Typical Faults in San Jose, CA

Despite the fact that gas stoves are long-livers, failures in their work still occur. Often the cause is the wear of the internal parts of the equipment, requiring repair of the stove. And sometimes, the stove does not function for a reason that is not a breakdown of the equipment. And which can be eliminated on their own without resorting to the help of professionals. You can identify and fix yourself, several possible reasons. First of all, check if the gas supply valve is shut off. Then compare the total fuel pressure in the gas pipeline, by the size and intensity of the flame petals of the upper burners of the stove. Perhaps the gas pressure has fallen, and there is no need to call the master in household appliances, and the cause of the problem lies in the almost empty cylinder or in the gas pipeline. But we warn you, don’t forget that gas is extremely dangerous. When mixed with oxygen in certain proportions, it becomes highly flammable. Therefore, for all other malfunctions described below, requiring intervention in the gas pipeline system, with the dismantling of equipment and repair of the gas stove, it is necessary to immediately call specialists 24/7.

The fire in the stove ignites, but goes out after releasing the handle.

With the sudden extinction of the fire, the problem is with the gas control system. Modern stoves are equipped with gas leakage protection. The system is equipped with a thermocouple, a temperature measuring sensor, and a magnetic valve controlling the gas supply. In the case of uncontrolled attenuation of the burner flame, with the gas turned on, the sensor will feel a drop in temperature, and with the help of the valve mechanism shutter, it will automatically shut off its flow. In the event of a thermocouple breakdown, the valve will be in the closed state. A breakdown occurs over time, from the constant heating of the thermocouple, which negatively affects its sensitivity. In the end, it collapses, and completely ceases to fulfill its functions. It is not possible to restore and fix a thermocouple. To repair the stove, you will need to replace the thermocouple, valve, or the entire gas control system, similar to the stove model. It happens that from the operating life, the flame sensor needs more time to operate. Try holding the gas handle a little longer than usual. And turn it to the maximum. This will speed up the thermocouple warming up and valve actuation.

Gas enters, but when you press the electric ignition, the flame does not ignite.

If the characteristic hissing is audible that gas is flowing, but when you press the knob or the ignition auto fire button, the fire does not light, the reason is the electric ignition system. For the convenience of using appliances, gas stoves are equipped with automatic ignition. It works from electricity. When you press the gas adjustment knob or button, a spark breaks through the torch body from the tip of the ceramic candle. It is generated by the ignition unit. Symptoms of malfunction ignition several. They can be identified visually. To identify, you need to remove the pan from the stove, and turn on the electric ignition. If there is a spark, it is yellow or red. That is the problem in the wear of the ignition unit, it loses its functionality. If the spark goes away or there is no arc from the candle to the burner. Perhaps there was a displacement of the candle or it cracked, and the spark strikes past. If there is no spark at all when the button is pressed. The ignition system wiring may be damaged and the auto ignition function is broken.

The handle for turning on the stove hardly rotates, or it is completely jammed.

If the rotary knob does not turn, the faucet stops and the stove cannot be turned on. This can happen for two reasons: the first - clogging of the rotary mechanism by small particles of food, the second - due to the drying of the lubricant. In both cases, the gas valve needs to be disassembled, cleaned and lubricated with graphite paste. In cases where the tap is broken, it will need to be replaced. Any gas equipment must carry out mandatory annual maintenance, with cleaning and lubrication of the taps. Neglecting these requirements will cause similar problems. And you need to high quality stove repair near you, and this is a more expensive service than prevention. Also, jamming of the tap provokes breakage of the shift knob worn on it. If you try to crank the faucet with a handle, you can damage the seat of the handle into which the valve stem is inserted.

When turning the knob, gas does not go, the fire does not light up.

Do you turn the knob but it doesn't turn on? Please note that if the handle is easily rotated in any direction, then definitely it is broken or there is no fixing plate in it. It does not hold the seat and it does not crank the valve stem. For an accurate determination, try to ignite the gas without it. Carefully remove the plastic handle by pulling it towards you. Look for the sealing plate in the bore hole. Then, using pliers, gently turn the tap. As the gas goes, try to light the burner, as usual, with electric ignition or a match. If it fails, it means the mechanism is jammed. And this caused a defect in the handle. The handle needs to be replaced, and in addition, the stove will need to be repaired, in the form of cleaning and lubricating the crane mechanism.

Stove cooking time increased

One of the causes of this defect is a malfunction of the temperature controller, an element of the stove, with which the degree of heating is controlled. In this case, even with the temperature set as high as possible, the burner flame will be weak.

Sometimes in gas stoves during operation, cold zones form. With this phenomenon, not only increases the cooking time, but the dish is baked unevenly. This can happen if the burner openings become clogged. This is evidenced by the uneven distribution of flame among the burner nozzles. Clean clogged nozzles. If the flame has not changed after cleaning, the temperature controller will need to be replaced.

Another point when baking is poorly baked, due to heat loss through a not tight-fitting door. The door may not fit snugly due to a defective gasket between the stove body and the door. Also, the cause may be in loosened springs of the hinge mechanism.

In any case, to eliminate the causes, it is necessary to call a specialist with access to repair stoves operating from gas.

The dish cooked in the stove quickly burns

If there are comments about burnt food, then the problem is in the control thermostat. Adjustment and maintenance of the set temperature in the stove is performed by a mechanical thermostat. The thermostat is controlled by turning the knob with the temperature levels applied to it. The sensor is filled with a special liquid that expands when heated and is located inside the stove chamber. As the temperature rises, the fluid expands and presses on the valve shutting off the gas supply. By turning the knob, the distance between the valve and the thermal sensor relay changes. Thus, the required temperature level is set. The higher the temperature, the lower the gas supply. When calibrated, its operation will not be accurate. The temperature in the chamber will differ from the set, it will be lower or higher. Diagnostics required. Incorrect operation of the thermostat can be determined using another thermometer. And also, if the flame on the burner does not change during cooking, the thermostat should be replaced.

Fix Gas Stove Typical Faults