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Gaggenau Refrigerator Repair in San Jose, CA

High End Repair Gaggenau refrigerator in San Mateo in San Jose, CA

Our company has many years of experience repairing Gaggenau refrigerators at home in San Mateo and has thoroughly studied its weak points. The products of this manufacturer are leading among manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the household refrigerator. The active use of electronics in the control of the refrigerator seriously complicates its design and requires the involvement of qualified specialists to perform service work.

The masters of our service have more than 10 years of experience and the highest training for work of any complexity at home. To work with Gaggenau devices, we use manufacturer's service manuals, advanced diagnostic and repair equipment and original spare parts. Excellent specialists provided with everything necessary guarantee only a positive result when repairing Gaggenau refrigerators in San Mateo. What is good and bad about Gaggenau refrigerators?

A typical breakdown of this brand is a freon leak, which is not always eliminated due to the design features of the products. Constant problems with sensors and the compressor that cannot withstand heavy loads keep up with the frequency of repairs. There are many complaints about the thickness of the aluminum piping from which the evaporator is formed, as well as about the fragile plastic parts of the drawers, the frames of the glass shelves and the handles of the refrigerator doors.

Gaggenau refrigerators also have many advantages. It is worth noting the stylish design, a wide variety of models of various sizes and purposes, clear electronic control, will satisfy any buyer. It should be noted the enviable energy efficiency of Gaggenau units (A +, A ++, A +++) due to the use of isobutane as freon and excellent thermal insulation capable of keeping frozen food for 48 hours.

If you are looking for a reliable company capable of to make any repair of Gaggenau refrigerators in San Mateo at home, then our service company will be able to solve any problems with your refrigerator inexpensively, quickly and efficiently. Call us for high end Gaggenau refrigerator repair in San Mateo, California.

Gaggenau refrigerator repair in San Mateo