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Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

High End Repair Sub Zero refrigerator in Foster City

There are not many Sub Zero refrigerators in Foster City. Most often these are models with an upper freezer. If these refrigerators are leaking and the symptoms indicate a leak in the freezer area, the refrigerators are usually not repaired. Although, by agreement with the customer, solutions to this problem are possible.

Thermostats fail more often. They are usually replaced by non-original repair thermostats, because the original one costs 5 times more, and it is much more difficult to find it. But the original thermostat serves more than one.

Over time, the appearance of extraneous noise in the compressor is possible. Such motors can only be replaced, they are not repaired in any way. The reason for replacing the compressor motor is also the loss of performance. You cannot determine this by eye, for this the master needs to depressurize the system and connect the pressure gauge; when the compressor is on, the pressure gauge needle should easily show a pressure of 15 bar or more. If the arrow does not rise above 1-2 bar, such a compressor must be replaced. although outwardly it will be absolutely working. If you do not know how to order the Sub Zero refrigerator repair service, you need to call one of our phones, try to describe the problem in detail, name the brand and model of the refrigerator, answer additional questions that the operator may ask you and indicate the exact address. Agree on a convenient time, and expect the arrival of the master. The master only after a complete inspection will be able to tell the exact cost of repairing the refrigerator. Call us for high end Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Foster City, California.

Sub Zero refrigerator repair in Foster City