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Thermador Cooktop Repair in San Jose, CA

High End Repair Thermador cooktop in Belmont in San Jose, CA

Thermador is the leading brand of hobs for the production of electronically controlled kitchen appliances. Therefore, it needs some care and careful operation. This technique differs from mechanically controlled technology by the presence of an electronic module, processor and software.

Faults in hobs can be conventionally divided into categories:

Electronics: Control module failure, voltage drop leads to burnout of the power supply. The consequences are difficult to predict, sometimes they can be irreversible

Breakdown of the relay, limited service life

Failure of programs, error codes appear on the display, programs do not work correctly

Mechanics: does not turn on, the burners do not react to switching on

the burner burned out (power surge, improper operation

the foston burned out

the terminal block burned out

interruptions with voltage supply

If you notice at least one of the above malfunctions, do not use your hob, but contact the specialists.

Highly qualified specialists of our service face this every day and have vast experience in elimination of such problems.

After contacting us, the master will contact you and agree on a convenient time for a visit, carry out high-quality repairs using only original spare parts and proven tools.

After the repair, the master in your presence will check its quality of its implementation, write out the act and sound warranty periods. Call us for high end Thermador cooktop repair in Belmont, California.

Thermador cooktop repair in Belmont