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Thermador Freezer Repair

High End Repair Thermador freezer in Boulder Creek

The technicians of our service center will not only be able to repair the Thermador freezer, but also provide services related to diagnostics, maintenance, start-up, installation and cleaning of refrigeration equipment. What to do if the refrigeration unit suddenly stops working?

Incorrect operation of equipment or exceeding the level of wear of parts, assemblies, elements, components. Other reasons are explained by the fact that the freezers are regularly overloaded, and in addition, the equipment is always functioning at its limit. In order to have a working refrigerator, you need to change the engine-compressor.

Breakdown of temperature or air sensors. Freezers on electronic control are equipped not with thermostats, but with air and temperature sensors. Repairing a Thermador freezer with such a breakdown will consist in re-installing the damaged regulator.

Depressurization of the freon supply system and its leakage. Freon is a refrigerant used to cool the freezer. If someone tries to beat off the formed layer of ice from the wall of the freezer or tear it off a little with something sharp, then the capillary tubes through which freon is supplied are damaged. Its flow does not stop the compressor, but it stops the cooling process. In case of such a breakdown, call a specialist, remove all food items, turn off the freezer.

Damage to the thermostat of the freezers. All models of Thermador freezers are equipped with thermostats that determine the temperature regime inside the chamber. A malfunction of the thermostat will lead to incorrect operation of the motor-compressor: it cools very weakly, freezes too much, does not turn on at all, freezes without stopping or does not freeze at all. To eliminate the malfunction, you need to replace the thermostat.

All these types of work are performed by our company. Call us now. Call us for high end Thermador freezer repair in Boulder Creek, California.

Thermador freezer repair in Boulder Creek