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Thermador Freezer Repair

High End Repair Thermador freezer in San Carlos

Our experts at Thermador freezer repair service in San Carlos are familiar with solving a wide range of common problems, such as:

Lack of power. A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse can cut off the power to your freezer. You may also have problems with the wiring or with the control board. Fortunately, the company's experts are excellent at diagnosing the problem and effectively fixing it.

The temperature is too high. A freezer compartment that is overloaded with food or has an evaporator build-up may become too warm. Freezers or refrigerators are overused (with frequent door opening).

The engine runs continuously. If the built-in freezer motor is running continuously, this indicates a possible refrigerant leak or a leak elsewhere that allows chilled air to escape. This issue is harmful to your device and your electricity bill and should be addressed immediately.

Ice build-up. Ice in the drain pan. A clogged drain line or a defective heater can cause ice to build up in the freezer drain pan. This issue must be fixed by a professional before the freezer stops working completely.

If you experience any of these or other problems with your freezer, it might be time to contact our repair service. We will definitely help you. Call us for high end Thermador freezer repair in San Carlos, California.

Thermador freezer repair in San Carlos