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Thermador Refrigerator Repair

High End Repair Thermador refrigerator in Atherton

If you are looking for a quality repair of Thermador refrigerators in Atherton at an affordable price, call our workshop. We offer elimination of any malfunction and carry out any repair of Thermador refrigerators at home. Our many years of experience and a team of professional craftsmen will ensure the full implementation of repairs in accordance with the manufacturer's technical documentation and compliance with safety regulations.

This brand is well known in Atherton and enjoys well-deserved popularity. A large model range and a variety of sizes and colors will satisfy the most demanding customer. The complex technical solutions used in Thermador refrigerators require special knowledge and equipment to repair Thermador refrigerators in Atherton. Our masters are equipped with all the necessary tools and parts from the manufacturer that allow you to do the following types of repairs: finding leaks and charging refrigerant, replacing a motor-compressor, filter, relay, thermostat, fan, sensor, heater, board repair and other work.

We always meet the wishes of our customers and at their request we try to minimize the cost of repairs. For this, instead of replacing an expensive spare part, we can offer its repair, which will significantly reduce the price. If necessary, we will repair refrigerators in the city of Atherton at home. Number one in this list is the electronic module (board). In the event of an electronics failure, ordering a new part can cost about $ 100-200, not counting the delivery time, which can take a month and a half. Our technicians can repair the module much cheaper in 20 minutes at your home. The compressor is quite expensive, which in some cases does not burn out, but jams. This problem is also solved by wedging with the help of special equipment and is much cheaper than installing a new compressor.

Whatever trouble happens to your refrigerator, call us, we will always be able to perform urgent repair of Thermador refrigerators inexpensively, with high quality, on the day of contacting the workshop. Call us for high end Thermador refrigerator repair in Atherton, California.

Thermador refrigerator repair in Atherton