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Thermador Refrigerator Repair

High End Repair Thermador refrigerator in Foster City

The Thermador refrigerator has filled our city Foster City. Probably every third house has a Thermador refrigerator. Unfortunately, these refrigerators cannot boast of special reliability. Very often, freon-powered models suffer from such a defect as a clogged capillary tube. To eliminate this defect, you can use two methods:

The first way to push the blockage using a hydraulic jack. This method has an efficiency of about 50%. That is, in half of the cases it really can be done, and after cleaning the capillary tube, the refrigerator continues to work properly.

The second method is to replace the capillary tube, but this method of repair is more expensive and is not always possible due to the design feature.

Freon leaks are not uncommon on Thermador refrigerators. If the freon leak is somewhere in the area of ??the refrigerating chamber, then the master hangs up a new evaporator. If there is a leak in the freezer and the freezer is at the top, no one usually repairs such refrigerators. In the best case, the master will offer to buy such a refrigerator from you for spare parts, and you can get at least something for it, in the worst case, you just have to throw it out or hand it over for scrap.

It is not uncommon for Thermador refrigerators to be repaired in Foster City due to the fact that the refrigerator does not turn on or, on the contrary, does not turn off. One of the breakdown options, failure of the thermostat. The most important thing is to notice it in time. If you do not attach importance to the fact that the refrigerator is constantly working and does not turn off, then after a while the compressor simply will not withstand and will fail. In this case, repairs will be four times more expensive than changing the thermostat on time. Call us for high end Thermador refrigerator repair in Foster City, California.

Thermador refrigerator repair in Foster City