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Thermador Refrigerator Repair in San Jose, CA

High End Repair Thermador refrigerator in San Bruno in San Jose, CA

Household appliances have penetrated our lives so deeply that we simply don’t notice it while it is working properly. The refrigerator will preserve the freshness of products. A washing machine and a dishwasher facilitate home living, doing a significant part of the work for us.

Household equipment has allowed us to create a small but ideal world where everything works for our good, comfort. But this idyll is collapsing, it is worth only one of the devices to stop fulfilling its function. Everything can be fixed. Our freezer repair service will Thermador refrigerator repair in San Bruno in a matter of hours.

Whatever problem arises with household appliances, we will quickly eliminate it. We have been working since 2015, we use professional tools. We install only original spare parts, after repair we give a guarantee.

In 90% of cases, we will carry out repairs in your home within one to two hours. If a serious malfunction occurs, we will diagnose and fix the problem. All work will take no more than a day.

We take on any model, regardless of country of manufacture, year of manufacture. We will repair both new items and devices manufactured twenty to thirty years ago.

We order spare parts directly from manufacturers or authorized dealers at a wholesale price. Therefore, we have the most favorable conditions for parts in San Jose. All components are original and compatible with repaired equipment.

You can talk for a long time about our super specialists and merits. But the main argument is the guarantee. We are for honest cooperation, and we are also confident in our work. Therefore, each customer receives a guarantee for the work performed and for the installed spare parts from 3 to 12 months. Call us for high end Thermador refrigerator repair in San Bruno, California.

Thermador refrigerator repair in San Bruno