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Viking Cooktop Repair

High End Repair Viking cooktop in Scotts Valley

Viking hobs help housewives, but sometimes fail, provoking serious disasters. Here's how to fix a Viking bar in Scotts Valley.

Most often, users complain that the panel does not turn on. There are only two answers to the question of why this happened with my equipment: there is no voltage in the outlet, the circuit is broken.

To check whether it is working or the outlet, you can use a multimeter that will show if there is voltage. A hairdryer or other compact electrical appliance will also work. The principle of verification is simple: if the unit turns on, everything is in order with the outlet, and the cause of the malfunction should be looked for in the burner itself.

A circuit breakdown is a general name that combines a number of problems that provoke a burner malfunction. Among them is a burnt fuse and a broken contact, overheating of the sensor, a cable malfunction.

Some models have a fuse with an increased fuse level. It easily burns out from power surges, taking on a shock that would otherwise affect the performance of the burner.

If one of the burners does not work, a similar situation is triggered by broken contacts leading to the heating element. You can fix the problem as follows:

Carefully turn the panel over

Inspect the contacts

If you find a break, solder the wires with a soldering iron.

Attention, work voltage related and can be dangerous. If you are not confident in your abilities, call our company and call a professional technician. Call us for high end Viking cooktop repair in Scotts Valley, California.

Viking cooktop repair in Scotts Valley