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Viking Oven Repair

High End Repair Viking oven in Felton

We will carry out high-quality repairs of Viking wind shafts at home: with mechanical, touch and electronic control. The master has a large selection of spare parts for repairing ovens.

All oven repairs will be performed quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee. Repairs are carried out at home in Felton on a tight schedule and at a time and day that suits you. Types of work performed during the repair of the oven:

replacement of the position switch

replacement of thermostats

replacement of the lower heating element

replacement of the upper heating element

replacing the grill

repairing electronic timers

repairing electronic boards, blocks

repairing and changing the electrical circuit

replacing the terminal box

All work performed and installed spare parts are provided with a written guarantee for a period, depending on the type of work and the name of the installed spare parts. Call us for high end Viking oven repair in Felton, California.

Viking oven repair in Felton