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Viking Oven Repair

High End Repair Viking oven in San Carlos

If your Viking oven does not regulate the temperature, the top or bottom does not heat up, it heats up very much - everything is on, weakly heats up - does not pick up the temperature, does not screw up, does not set a timer, does not respond to pressing buttons, does not turn on, works only in one mode, you can hear the smell of burnt wiring, give out an error code, dial 180-200 degrees and turn off - you have to turn it on again, beats with current, the backlight lamp in the oven does not work and does not heat, the control lamp is on, but the oven does not turn on, the oven is buzzing strongly, the convector is not working grill, the airflow does not work, the door does not close, the glass is broken, the door seal is out of order, you need to contact a specialist.

Our service center repairs the Viking oven in San Carlos. The masters of our service center perform:

replacement of the switch

replacement of the thermostat

replacement of the heating element

replacement of the timer

repair wiring

connecting an electric oven Call us for high end Viking oven repair in San Carlos, California.

Viking oven repair in San Carlos