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Home Washing Machine Repair Service in San Jose, CA

Emergency washing machine repair in San Jose - fast, inexpensive and reliable. We high quality repair your washing machine on home. The washing machine is an indispensable electrical appliance for your household management. The multi-person household often needs a second washing machine. The washing machine runs every day. Even the slightest defect messes up housekeeping. The washing machine is indispensable to irreplaceable for the laundry cycle in the household, and so is the situation in the commercial sector with hotels or restaurants. Industrial washing machines are used in the laundry, which are spread over the city area.

We are a professional service provider for the service of washing machines of all brands and models: Thermador, Viking, Samsung, LG, General Electric, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux.

Here in San Jose and in my area, we are at the customer's premises within an hour at the latest. You can reach us continuously by phone through our customer center. Outside of daily business hours, you can send an info using the contact form on our homepage or send an email. Experience has shown that with our computer-aided modern devices and tools we are able to locate the fault in the electronics of your washing machine within a few minutes. We recognize very quickly what can be repaired and which part needs to be replaced. One like the other happens quickly with the aim that your washing machine will run again as soon as possible.

If we are at the customer's home because of a defective washing machine, we take the opportunity to carry out an exact device check. Our technicians can see at first glance how the device is doing. If it is new, older or very old, it is well maintained, the electronics work at the push of a button, the replacement of wear parts and other things is recommended. We take the washing machine repair around me as an opportunity to take a close look at the electrical appliance. The same also applies to all other household appliances, from dryers to dishwasher repair, for which we offer the same maintenance and repair service. The service life of the high-tech washing machine can be significantly extended through regular maintenance and care.

If necessary, we disassemble the washing machine on site, clean the individual parts and then reassemble them. Our high end washing machine repair service is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every customer has the certainty that our urgent repair service will, get the washing machine up and running again.

When placing an order for repairs by telephone, specialist will ask you for more details about the defective washing machine. This information enables our service team to take common spare parts and accessories with them to the place of use. What is not available will be ordered immediately. Modern logistics is guaranteed delivery the next day, so that the spare part can be replaced immediately afterwards. Manufacturer guarantee and insurance on our service are a matter and included in the cheap price.

Our customer service also includes competent and professionally experienced customer advice. Our technicians, service and repair teams are all well trained, workshop-trained and have many years of experience. Our technician determines and diagnoses the washing machine defect. He then creates a affordable cost estimate with information on the cost-effectiveness of the repair.

Home Washing Machine Repair Service
Fix washing machine near me

Fix washing machine near me in San Jose, CA

The most common issues with washing machine:

  • Does not drain. If the water runs out of the washing machine, you can remove the fluff filter and clean it under warm water. If the washing machine does not continue to drain after the process, it may be that the pump is blocked.
  • Is not spinning properly. If the washing machine does not spin properly or does not spin at all, the fluff filter may be blocked or there may be a foreign body in the pump. The siphon and drain hose may also be blocked. Sometimes the drain pump is broken.
  • Shows no reaction. Sometimes it can be due to electricity, first of all check whether the socket works at all. Connect another consumer and check the fuses in your house if necessary. Check the washing machine's power cord. The interference filter also causes problems more often.
  • Is not washing properly. The washing machine can stop in the middle of the washing program if the water supply does not work. This can be due to the tap or the water supply hose. Therefore, check that there is enough water and turn the tap on fully.
  • Does not heat. The thermostat or the temperature sensor are defective. The heating coil or heating element is defective. There are breaks and damage to cables, contacts and insulation. The dry run protection is broken.
  • Motor does not turn. There are many reasons why the washing machine does not turn:
    • An interrupted power supply
    • A simple electronic mistake
    • V-belt torn or slipped
    • There is bearing damage
    • Identify drive problems
    • Complex electronics failure
    • The drum is stuck
  • Does not draw water. If there is too much fluff in the fluff filter, the water cannot flow through. It is also possible that the pressure cell is defective or the air trap is blocked.

Work on repairing a washing machine near you:

  • Diagnostics
  • Fix: musty odor, not spinning, error code, loud noise, musty smell, shaking, vibration, water pipe, water hammer
  • Replacement: agitator, spin cycle, drain pipe, leak, knob, water-inlet valve, belt, lid switch, balance, bearing, drain pump, drum off track, drain pipe overflow, door seal, faucet, gasket, hose, handle, inlet pipe, leaking water bottom, timer, taps, bearings, valve, heating element