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Water Heater Repair Service in San Jose, CA

Our company is engaged in emergency water heater repair in San Jose at cheap prices. Our technicians will repair storage heaters of any manufacturers and types (industrial and domestic). Repair of the water heater and boiler is carried out at the customer’s home, or in neutral territory if it is not possible to explain the way to the master. The engineers of our company have extensive practical experience in the repair of water heaters of various brands and models. We are contacted by owners of equipment that has worked for several months and many years. In most cases, the master can determine the cause of the defect during a telephone conversation and travels to the customer with the necessary set of spare parts. Repair technology may include the following types of work:

  • Corrosion of the water heater reservoir entails complex repairs. Our experts have the necessary equipment, and high qualification allows us to eliminate such defects without replacing the tank. Small holes are welded, a long warranty is given for work.
  • In the absence of water heating, electrical equipment is tested first. In some cases, you have to change the thermostat, fuses or cutoff. Most often, the cause of the breakdown is the failure of the heating element. Replacing a part with a similar spare part is done after draining the liquid from the tank. Depending on the model, the work can take from 0.5 to 1.5 hours, after which a performance check of the equipment is performed.
  • Weak boiler pressure is also considered a common failure. In most cases, it is enough to clean the fuse valve from dirt and scale, after which the equipment is restored to working condition.
  • Replacing the plug or socket is carried out by our staff during excessive heat. In some cases, the owner is given recommendations on replacing the wiring with a more powerful one. You may need to connect the device to the grounding system.
  • Our specialists often have to correct mistakes made during the installation of equipment. If the water heater heats up an insufficient volume of water, most likely the equipment was incorrectly connected to the piping system at the facility.

The scope of work may include the replacement or repair of RCDs, the installation of new gaskets and seals, and the restoration of tightness of joints. All operations are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, with the provision of warranty obligations. Contacting our service center is an opportunity to quickly solve problems with a water heater, to fix existing defects with minimal time and money. To place an order, just call us.

The advantages of contacting our company are the high end water heater repair, the availability of experienced specialists with the appropriate qualifications, equipped with modern equipment. Prices for the services of the company depend on the complexity of the repair work and are calculated after determining the cause of the breakdown.

Our company has been urgent repair water heaters since its inception. We work with water heaters of different brands and models. The advantages of contacting our service center include:

  • The company's specialists are constantly trained, highly qualified in the repair of water heaters around me of various old and modern brands and models: Thermador, Viking, Samsung, LG, General Electric, Sub-Zero, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux.
  • The staff has modern equipment with which it is possible to carry out repairs as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  • All breakdowns are fixed at the customer’s home, without transporting equipment to a service center.
  • The cost of water heater repair service depends on the complexity of the repair work and installed parts, is affordable and profitable in comparison with market prices.
  • Orders are taken daily, check-out is possible at any time at the request of the customer.
  • In situations in which the water heater starts to malfunction or ceases to function, it is best to contact our service center. The company's specialists will quickly conduct diagnostics, identify the causes of failures and offer solutions to the problem. For repair, high-quality spare parts and accessories are used.
Water Heater Repair Service
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Fix heating near me in San Jose, CA

Diagnostics and repair of water heaters without insurance is possible, just call our professional team 24/7. Electric heaters of various brands are in demand in the market as one of the best options for providing residential or industrial facilities with hot water. The equipment differs in technical characteristics, such as power, tank volume, type of connection, fluid heating rate. Water heaters repair near you should be carried out by qualified craftsmen in order to avoid mistakes and premature breakdowns. If a malfunction is detected during operation, our engineers can carry out diagnostics and immediately repairs.

Modern electric water heaters of brands are characterized by high reliability and performance. Equipment breakdowns are recorded quite rarely. The main causes of defects are errors during connection, installation and configuration, problems with power supply, lack of grounding.

Water heaters fail in the absence of periodic maintenance, when the owner forgets to carry out diagnostics on time and eliminate potential defects. The use of low-quality water leads to increased scale formation, due to which the heating elements burn out prematurely. Factory defects are recorded quite rarely, but it is impossible to completely exclude such an option. Most often defective are electric heaters produced by companies unknown on the market.

The main defects of electric heaters of various brands are:

  • Failure of heating elements due to scale formation. In most cases, urgent repair involves replacing the heater with a similar spare part, after which the equipment is working and the water heating rate is checked.
  • One of the most complex breakdowns is considered to be leaks due to corrosion processes. In some cases, it is possible to brew the tank, but most often a complete replacement of the electric heater is required.
  • Leaks can also be recorded at the points where the water heater is connected to the inlet and outlet network. For repairs, it is enough to replace gaskets and seals, to restore the tightness of the system.
  • Weak dialing at the outlet of the tank may be caused by scale formation in the safety valve or mixer. Such a malfunction is resolved quickly enough if there is sufficient experience, skills and appropriate equipment.
  • In some cases, a weak heating of the water or its absence is due to the failure of the sensor, which incorrectly displays the temperature of the liquid inside the tank.
  • Leaking drain valve
  • Heater leak
  • Pipe leak
  • Drain valve leak
  • The reasons for contacting the service center may be problems with the wiring, socket and electronics of the water heater.

An experienced technician will quickly determine the actual cause and carry out work to eliminate defects. Owners of water heaters can contact the service center due to poor-quality equipment. Often, slow heating of the water is recorded due to improper connection of the water heater, when the installers mixed up the pipes.

All these reasons are promptly and efficiently repaired by our company employees. Experienced engineers will determine the defect on equipment of any type, after which they will offer an affordable and optimal option for the restoration of equipment. We can quickly repair or replace: water heater, pilot light, leaking from top, thermostat, heating and hot water, condensation, circulation heat pump repair, copper pipe, fixing water heater gas valve, igniter.

How is a water heater repaired? Damage to the heating element is the main reason for the owners of water heaters repair in my area to contact our service center. In some situations, it is possible to restore the operability of the existing heater; in other cases, replacement of the module is required. The recovery technology for the boiler is as follows:

  • The equipment is disconnected from the power supply network, the water supply is shut off, the remaining liquid is drained from the tank. To do this, just open the hot water tap and substitute the tank.
  • The wiring from the back of the heater is disconnected, after which the fixing nuts are screwed. The heating element is removed from the tank.
  • The condition of the inside of the tank is checked, if necessary, it is descaled. In some cases, it is necessary to replace the gasket, ensuring the tightness of the equipment.
  • The heating element is inspected for defects. If the water in the tank was heated, but the process was slow, the heater must simply be descaled. For this, a mechanical tool and special tools are used.
  • If the water in the tank is not heated, the heater must be changed to a similar model.
  • The installation of the heating element, the wiring connection and the start of the water heater in operation are carried out in the reverse order.
  • Replacing the thermostat on the water heater is even easier. To do this, it is enough to dismantle the protective cover, unscrew the fixing nuts and remove the failed element. For replacement, a similar spare part is used. Tank repair associated with leaks is carried out using welding equipment by qualified craftsmen.